club fitting

Club fitting is an integral part of helping you to achieve the best results possible with your game. It is a process in which a trained fitter creates a set of clubs that is perfectly matched to your swing. To do that, every aspect of the club is studied—from head and shaft to grip, loft, lie angle, and feel.

Ranfurlie Golf Academy uses Flightscope Launch Monitor technology to measure aspects such as club head speed, ball speed, ball launch angle and direction etc… All of which help determine the best style of club suited to your swing characteristics.

With clubs made to suit your personal swing traits you’ll remove the major barriers which may be holding you back from reaching your goals and if you’re considering golf lessons, this becomes a key factor in allowing our Professionals to help you achieve the best results possible.



We are aligned with the top equipment brands which means you will be fitted with the equipment which best suits your game.